Horton Cemetery Records - Alabama

Horton Family Cemetery
on Hwy 14 east of Pleasant Ridge
Greene County, Alabama

(the following represent the remaining legible tombstones which could be
discovered July 5, 1995 by Scott and Kathryn Owens)

1. Moses Scarbrough  b 1833  d April 6, 1901

2. Martha, wife of Moses Scarbrough b 1842  d March 26, 1905

3. Sarah, wife of Jesse Horton died March 17, 1862 Aged 85  years
	"She's gone! she's left this world of woe. For regions of eternal 	love."

4. "In memory of Jesse Horton b January 7, 1773 departed this life  	August 2,
1850  "For Thirty years prior to his death he was a 	faithful member of the
Baptist church."

5. Infant of J.A. and M.M. Horton September 30, 1879

6. Infant of G.A. and A.S. Horton b February 11, 1901
	"only sleeping"

7. Julia, wife of J.D. Horton b February d  July 16, 1858

8. Mary Suber, dau of J.D. and Julia Horton b September 27, 1856
	d November 18, 1857  Aged 13 mo, 2 days

9. Lewis Dunkin, son of J.D. and Julia Horton, b April 12, 1840
	d June 17, 1858

10. "Our father John D. Horton  b May 1, 1814, d October 17, 1882
	Aged 68 years, 5 months, 16 days
	"A loving husband, a father dear, a faithful friend, is buried 	here."

11. "Sacred to the memory of James W. Horton, who was born  		December 5th,
1841, died at Manassas Va, September 21, 1861
	"He said almost with his dying breath, 'Jesus  is my only hope'
	Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep from which none ever wakes to 	weep, Even so
them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with 	Him."

12. "Sacred to the memory of Marcia L., wife of William Horton
	Departed this life October 5th 1852 Aged 32 years, 9 months,	28days"

13. "Consecrated to the Memory of Sarah F., Daughter of Wm and 	Marcia L.
Horton  Departed this life September 22nd,			1850	Aged 11 years, 9 months, 24

14. "In memory of Jesse H., son of Wm and Marcia L. Horton
	Departed this life October 11th 1846 Aged 11 months, 3 days."

15. "In memory of Jesse H. son of J and  S Horton    
	born September 22nd 1819 died July 25th 1842
	Aged 23 years, 10 months, 8 days."

16. An infant of J.D. and M. Horton.

17. "In memory of Mary, wife of J. D. Horton  born November 4th, 
	1814, died November 29th 1843 Aged 29 years, 25 days."

18. "In memory of Jesse Habbord, son of J. D. and M. Horton
	born September 22nd 1843, died August 4th 1844 
	Aged 10 months 13 days."

19. William R., son of J.W. and M. J. Scarbrough 
	born December 15, 1850 died May 5, 1852.

20. Berry King born July 17, 1798 died November 12, 1851

21. Molsey King born July 4, 1808 died June 21, 1881

These are the descendents of Jesse Horton, s/o Amos, s/o Amos, s/o Daniel
Jesse came to Greene County, Alabama in 1824 from Wake County, North Carolina.
His sons William and John D. were extensive planters in Pleasant Ridge prior
to the War.

Scott Owens
5254 B Lott Road
Eight Mile, Ala 36613